FarmLi brings Livestock farming, machine learning, cloud computing, Internet of things and Artificial intelligence together to provide a better life for livestock and finally brighter future for the farmers. FarmLi consists of a neck band which is connected to our mobile application which continuously monitors the livestocks temperature, behaviour and activity readings and provides you the real time data.

Our one device works for three different animals you can select between these three animals from our mobile application. Once the analysis is done, the dashboard shows the animals temperature, step count, stress level, sleep pattern, pregnancy status, disease symptom's readings over time through immersing graphs along with easy to understand insights. Machine Learning result combined with expert's knowledge base and years of experience to will provide you the best actionable recommendations. The user, in this case the farmer is prompted through notification every time there is a health alert or animal shows any disease symptoms or enters into heat cycle or may be is pregnant. Now the million-dollar question arises, how will a bunch of numbers and chart help a farmer increase their productivity? With the continuous monitoring and analysis, FarmLi measures everything that evaluates the animals health. The best part of technology is that it is capable of executing jobs that are beyond the reach of an average human being. While it is extremely hard for a farmer to detect diseases at an early stage by monitoring the animals 24/7 for disease symptoms, FarmLi effortlessly does it. Think of FarmLi as the farmers personal assistant who aids him in monitoring the health of the animals all the time.