Mepsha is a place where you can rent dresses. Our main motive is to promote traditional and cultural dresses of our country. We provide all the cultural and traditional dresses to tourists. They don't need to buy it. They can simply rent it. We believe this is one of the best way to help them feel and experience our culture. Not only cultural dresses also we will be providing bridal dresses and accessories in rent for our beautiful brides to be.

Along with all these we except used dresses from our customers and they can sell it through our website. We have something for everyone. Filter dresses, clothing and accessories by date, size, occasion and more. We'll do whatever it takes to get you the perfect dress. We're here for styling advice and can overnight you a new dress if it doesn't fits. Almost every dress features customer reviews with photos so you can see how the dresses look on real people. Choose date, day and time. You decide when it arrives to you. It's best to choose a delivery date 1-2 days before your event. This way you can try it on or exchange if necessary. Now, I know here arrives a one of the biggest concern and that is cleanliness. I know you are worried about how can we wear dress that others have worn. We handle dry cleaning. We facilitate with the laundry after each use of the product.