1. Information: The most important thing is that all the women needs to know what actually their human rights are. In this section we will keep all the national and international laws and rights that have been stated for women. We will have those rights even in voice command so that each and every one could understand.
2. Newsfeed:
a) We will keep different success and failure stories about many kinds of women existing in our society
b) Keeping the information about national and international organization working for women rights.
c) Keep the information about different job opportunities for women so that they would be self-dependent.
3. Action: This is one of the main parts of our app. We have two parts in this section:
a. In emergency cases push power button twice. Alert message will be send with your GPS location. It will also inform about police stations or safe areas nearby. You can also shake your phone to trigger, camera will turn on and start recording. This recording will be saved in our database. The app also informs you if you have entered a high crime rate area.
b. Form: The problem of under-reporting complicates data collection. A 2005 WHO study based on data noted that 55% to 95% of women who had been physically abused by their partners had never contacted the police, NGOs or shelters for help. Stigma and fear prevent women from seeking assistance and redress. Women normally keep their feelings and pains to themselves. They fear on sharing and complaining about what they are actually facing. We will have forms for every victim to complain about what actually they are facing. If they have photos, videos or any kinds of documents then they can attach it with that form as evidence. This form directly goes to the authorized agencies so that they could collect the feedback and also take the action when needed. If the victim wants, we will also have the option of sharing their problem in social media.
4. Self-Analysis: This is the part which would literally help them self-analyze themselves.
5. Tutorials: We will keep different tutorials related to health, education, sanitation, safety etc. so that they would take benefit from it.
6. Feedback: We will have the feedback panel at last so that, we could take feedbacks from the app users and change our app accordingly.
This app was able to grab 1st Runners Up position in Human Rights Appathon organized by UNDP and Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal and Imagine Cup National Finals (World Citizenship Category) and also it was one of the 8 finalists at Seedstars Kathmandu organized by Seedstars World.